Women Building Chicken Coops

Year: 2015
Country: Senegal
Project Investment: $463.73
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Economic Opportunity

Project Launch:

For many people in Ndiane, Senegal, animals and chickens are an important part of their daily lives, for health and nutrition and for economic reasons. However, without adequate protection, many women struggle if their animals get sick or eaten by local predators. This project will provide members of the Ndiane Women’s Group with money management workshops, as well as teach them how to construct durable chicken coops with local materials. Through this project, the women will learn important skills, enabling them to diversify their income sources, which will lead to more financial independence.

Project Update

Twelve women have been participating in the building workshops and have almost completed their chicken coops. The women are very dedicated and eager to complete this project, working on the coops from morning to sunset.  Unexpectedly, some of their daughters have joined the workshops to gain the skills and experiences involved in the building process. Furthermore, community members continuously visit the workshops to encourage and support the women.


"At first I thought this kind of work was for men only, but after building my own chicken coop I now know that I can do this sort of work too. I enjoyed coming in to work every day towards building my chicken coop."  - Sarakh, Project Participant 

"This is a good project for the village because all of the women are interested in raising chickens and don't have the money to have a good chicken coop. The skills that we learned are important to know and we wouldn't have the opportunity otherwise." - Aissatou, Project Leader

"The women are incredibly motivated and hard working and are eager to put in the time and effort to see their projects to completion." - Ian, Peace Corps Volunteer

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