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Until November 2009, the community of Vicentillo in the Dominican Republic had virtually no public space that children, youth, and adults could visit to have fun and spend time together in a healthy and productive manner. Looking for an alternative space to let loose, many people resorted to the bars. Community groups collaborated with Ben & Jerry's to construct a park, but needed support for programming to make the area more appealing as a destination for all ages. With a $500 grant from World Connect’s Kids to Kids Program, the community started a program called ìViva Vicentillo! (“Long Live Vicentillo!”) during which health, environmental, and recreational activities on Saturdays were held in the new park. Activities included programs on waste disposal, water conversation, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, healthy behaviors, and games, tournaments and raffles were held and healthy snacks offered. Viva Vicentillo provided the community of Vicentillo, and in particular the youth, with a healthy, productive and fun way to spend their free time on the weekends. Not only did it improve the physical health of the residents but it also helped bring people together. Now the community is closer and the children are more confident in their skills.

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