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It’s not just the little kids of Gasaka in the mountainous countryside of Rwanda’s Nyamagabe District – the kindergartners and elementary school students – who will benefit from the Kids Connect Arts and Crafts day, oh no, the project will be supported by teachers, local officials, community members, and parents of Groupe Scolaire ACEPER (RERA) School. The project is designed to help provide teachers and students with basic arts and crafts materials along with educational resources to encourage creativity, imagination and artistic expressions through painting, coloring and crafting. Normally, a lack of arts and crafts materials prohibits lessons in self-expression, not this time. The products of the big arts and crafts day will be displayed in the Nyamagabe community library for all to see: community officials, teachers and parents, deprived of education themselves, will of the creative arts and the need to support them.

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Year: Country: Rwanda

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