Tiwatukule Youth Health Information Center

Year: 2018
Country: Malawi
Project Investment: $5,000.00
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Health

Project Launch: 8-10-18

Wandikweza incentives community health workers (CHWs) who provide preventive, educational and curative health services using locally available resources.

In 2018, one of Wandikweza’s aims is to establish Tiwatukule (Let's Support Them) Youth Health Information Center in Chakhaza in Dowa District, Malawi. The center will be run by CHWs and will provide a source of income for them. The youth (14 – 24 years of age) will pay a small fee to use facilities at the center., which will be built using locally available material. The center will house information on subjects such as sexual and reproductive health, education, employment opportunities, extracurricular events, sports, and leisure. The center will also host a community library. The center will serve 4,000 youth in its first year and will expand to serve 8,000 by 2020.

Project Update: 3-19-19

Tiwatukule Youth Health Information Center will compliment the Malawi Government’s efforts in improving youth productivity by serving as just the third youth center in Dowa district, with a population of 772,569 (378,160 men and 394,409 women)  according to 2018 Malawi Population and Housing census. Three months after launch of the project, the community with technical support from Wandikweza Organization, is building a library. Construction is continuing and expected to be complete June, 2019. 20 Community Health Workers and 5 Youth Peer Educators have been trained on the use, management, and maintenance of the center in readiness for its opening.

Wandikweza has identified youth peer educators who will assist youths in the area with communication skills and strategies of resisting peer pressure, and it is in the process of developing a peer education training manual to prevent spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections such as HIV/AIDs. The young people in the community are hopeful that the new youth center will equip them with skills and knowledge that will help them secure opportunities to improve their lives and households.

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