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In El Salvador, gang prevalence, economic pressure, and the lack of recreational opportunities leads many young people to drop out of school at an early age. This project will implement a six-week summer school providing students in Llano Alegre with music, computer and art classes led by local volunteers and artisans. The summer school classes will provide a creative outlet for young people, an opportunity for leadership and connections, and importantly will keep them busy and learning during the idle summer months.   Project Update The six-week summer school has officially begun. Three local teachers have been implementing various classes, such as arts and crafts, guitar, voice, bracelet-making, and painting workshops. The local development organization is very supportive of the summer school and even offered to provide additional craft supplies. As the weeks go by, more and more students are joining the classes.   Testimonials
"My interest in the class was to be busy and spend my time here rather than getting involved in negative influences. I always like coming to class because we are always learn something new." - Edenilson, 16, Project Beneficiary   "The class is excellent. We are working together and practicing good values. The person who is teaching the class is very warm. I like the class very much." - Idalia, 15, Project Participant 

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Year: 2015 Country: El Salvador

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