Mkwachi Primary School's Growth and Development

Year: 2018
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $3,842.29

Project Launch: 8-10-18

Mkwachi Primary School faces serious challenges. With only 3 built structures housing two rooms each, the school lacks an extra block to cater to additional students. It also lacks another structure to serve as a teachers' office and administration block, forcing teachers to keep their materials under trees outside the classrooms which is risky. Because overflow classes are taught under trees, instruction is often canceled in the rainy season.

Headteachers reside on campus in a small house; however, the structure is dilapidated. Walls are crumbling and the roof is tattered, allowing rainfall to enter the structure. The project aims at expanding and renovating this house so that it becomes more useful and habitable for the teachers residing at the school.

Project Update:

The first phase of Mkwachi Primary School's Growth and Development project has produced 35 desks which are ready to be used by students at the school. The renovations for the head teacher’s house are at window-level, currently on hold while the community raises the necessary funds to purchase the remainder of the necessary bricks as part of its community contribution. The project has delighted community members who are happy with the desks that will enable students to learn comfortably in class for the first time in the history of the school. There is hope that the desks will motivate students to come to school daily, giving them the best chance to improve their performance.


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