Teacher House in Gomani

Year: 2018
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $2,230.00

Project Launch: 2-28-19

70 kids currently attend a makeshift nursery school shelter in Yelemiya made from sticks and thatch. During the rainy season, most students stop attending nursery school due to the subpar condition of the school. Yelemiya believes that a proper nursery school will attract more students and keep them in school year-round. Yelemiya also needs a proper nursery school to register for an early childhood nutrition program, operated by another NGO, that targets kids in nursery school.

Yelemiya will construct a small nursery school that will serve as a daycare and pre-school education facility. The school will provide a safe and educational environment for kids. After building the nursery school and stocking it with materials like a blackboard, chalk, and books, community members will hire a teacher and pay that teacher with contributions provided by parents of children in attendance.

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