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Project Launch: 2/3/16 The moringa oleifera plant is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and is becoming widely used to fight malnutrition in communities throughout Senegal. The plant’s leaves are made into a powder, which can supplement any meal, such as smoothies and porridge. This project will create a pilot moringa business in Latmingue to connect local moringa cultivators with purchasers, who will transform the plant into nutritional powder, which can then be sold in local communities and markets.   Project Update: 5/17/16 To date, the Association Groupe Siwaal Nebedaye (GSN) has been trained on the proper techniques to sort, wash, dry, and package Moringa and has also participated in business management and marketing workshops. GSN has been working together and very closely with the community to raise funds to register as a formalized business, and have already recruited new members to cultivate and sell moringa to future purchasers.

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Year: 2015 Country: Senegal

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