Clean Water in Chamtunga

Year: 2018
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $5,850.00

Project Launch: 2-26-19

Residents of Chamtunga Village walk long distances to fetch water. There is no clean water source in the village. During the rainy season, residents source unclean water from a shallow well. During the dry seasons, they walk more than 3 miles to find water in another village with a borehole. During the dry season, most girls in Chamtunga skip school to collect water as a household chore. Some girls have been attacked by lurking men when going and coming from drawing water. Parents are very worried about their children's safety. Chamtunga Village believes a source of clean water within the villages will return children to school and reduce waterborne diseases.

The project proposes digging a new borehole in Chamtunga Village that will be publicly accessible. Construction will be done by a vetted drilling company, with substantial experience in the area. The installation will take three days to complete. The borehole will include a standard metal pump mechanism, a cement foundation to protect the pump mechanism and a cement spillway to channel excess water away from the pump. Funds will be used to pay for the skilled labor as well as for the materials that cannot be found locally, such as piping, fixtures and fittings, and concrete.

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