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This project will take place in the town of Mercedes in the Philippines at San Roque Elementary. It aims to create a material recovery facility (MRF) to serve as a collection point for recyclable materials and also as a learning center for students and the surrounding community. In conjunction with the building of this facility, members of the Youth for Environmental in Schools Organization (YESO) club at San Roque Elementary will be trained to lead informational educational campaigns on proper solid waste management practices. These campaigns will be presented in nine urban barangays (villages) of Mercedes. This project is complimentary to local government efforts to improve the environment. In its 2014 budget, the Office of the Mayor of Mercedes approved funding for an MRF in each of the town's nine barangays. The MRF at San Roque Elementary, implemented with World Connect's support, will serve as a pilot for the local government, allowing it to learn and ensure the success of its larger environmental initiative.

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Year: 2013 Country: Philippines

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