The Wayland High School Kids to Kids club hosted a movie night for a younger generation of K2K Members at Claypit Hill School in Wayland, MA to raise funds in support of both K2K projects and relief efforts in Haiti. The movie night was on Friday May 7th and the movie was “Where the Wild Things Are.”  Many elementary kids and their parents came to watch the movie, eat food, and socialize with each other. It was a great time for everyone who was there!

The Wayland High School club spent the night selling food, collecting donations, and signing kids up to be official Kids to Kids Members. They also were collecting gently used blankets to donate to Partners in Health, who will bring them to Haiti in support of disaster relief.  All of the procceeds from the fundraiser are going to Partners in Health and Kids to Kids projects. Overall the movie night was a success and a great way to help younger kids get involved in supporting less fortunate kids throughout the developing world!

This event was supported by a $500 Youth Service Day Grant, awarded to the Wayland High Kids to Kids Club. Learn more about the grant here on our blog.