Congratulations on organizing a Kids to Kids Club at your school! Whether your club is brand new or getting ready to celebrate another year of helping kids around the world, here are some suggestions and tips of what to do at club meetings.

Two things that you should always do at Kids to Kids Club meetings are:

  • Make sure everyone in attendance is a Kids to Kids Member.
    • Tip: Print copies of the Membership Pledge for people to fill out in the meeting and then enter their information online later.
  • Read the most recent Member Call to Action out loud.
    • Tip: At the beginning of every month Kids to Kids Members receive a new Call to Action delivered to their email. Print this out and bring it to each meeting.

And here’s a couple other fun things you can do with your Kids to Kids Club just about anytime!

1. Plan a membership drive at your school with a goal to sign up 50 new Kids to Kids Members at your school. 2. Have a discussion about why supporting Kids to Kids projects is important. 3.  Plan a fundraiser for Kids to Kids!
  • Fact: Kids are the most creative fundraisers on the planet! Check out our website for fundraising ideas or read our blog to see what other Clubs have done to raise funds for Kids to Kids projects.
4. Watch a documentary about the countries where Kids to Kids projects take place!
  • Tip: Ask your Club advisor to help you find an interesting movie.
5. Send an e-postcard to a Kids to Kids project! 6. Get out the Kids to Kids Vote!
  • Tip: Kids to Kids voting periods are in December and June. Make sure every kid in your Club votes on the Kids to Kids website!
Do you have suggestions for other Kids to Kids Members about things to do in their Club meetings? We'd love to hear them and add them to the list! Leave a comment here or drop us a line.