In May, the Kids to Kids Club at Bay View Academy in Rhode Island held a 2 week long CandyGram fundraiser in honor of National Kids to Kids Day 2010! The girls at Bay View sold CandyGrams (a couple of pieces of candy in a plastic bag, tied with a ribbon and connected to a personalized message) at both the middle school and the high school. Kids bought CandyGrams for many of their friends at school, and every CandyGram was hand-delivered by the girls in the Bay View K2K Club!

The Bay View K2K Club worked extremely hard preparing for their fundraiser. They met multiple times to plan, created posters to go up all over the school, and worked hard to get the word out to all the students at the two schools. They even welcomed Kids to Kids to a meeting where they prepared all the CandyGrams! Teamwork, passion, energy and creativity always leads to a great fundraising experience, and the K2K Club at Bay View Academy has it all!

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