The Groton School Kids to Kids (K2K) Club hosted an AMAZING fundraising event on Saturday, April 17 as part of the first ever National K2K Day celebration! Always looking to get more kids involved, the Groton K2K Club partnered with the school's Environmental Club to plan a whole day of activities to raise awareness about protecting the environment and to raise funds in support of K2K projects. They started with a community litter pick-up and sold t-shirts they designed. Most kids then embraced their inner-hippy by tie-dying the t-shirts at the tie-dye station! The day was capped off with a viewing of an environmental documentary and followed by a hippie-themed dance.

This environment-themed event took place before National K2K Day to coincide with Earth Day. The event was a great success and a perfect example of K2K Members leading their own, creative fundraisers in support of less-fortunate kids around the world!