One of my favorite trip memories was when we were at the dorms. It was after dinner and we had been invited to play a game of soccer with some of the kids from the town. Amelia and I hadn't wanted to play so instead we had sat on the sidewalk adn watched. Soon a little boy who was around the age of 5 came over and sat down with us. Pretty soon a whole crowd of people had joined the group. At first we all just looked at eachother and Amelia and I talked. Then Amelia laughed and the kids thought her laugh was really funny so they imitated her and then started imitating everything we did. Pretty soon we were all laughing and having a good time. Then a few of the boys motioned to us to tell them our names. We did and then asked for theirs. then little by little we found out a way to communicate with them by using hand motions and both of our languages. We learned their ages, names, and who was related to who this way. We even learned that one of the boys was deaf. I will remember this as one of my favorite memories because by the end of the day I had almost forgotten that we weren't speaking the same language. We had come up with our own special language. It was so cool!!