One of the workshops I went to at the Ashoka Youth Venture Summit was called "Social Media Powerhouse". I learned a lot about how to use the internet as a tool to get more people interested and involved in Kids to Kids. I learned how useful some of the techniques can be to get people to become a Kids to Kids Members, to get people to join my club at Wayland High School, and even to get people to come to fundraisers. Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, and other tools prove to be very useful when used effectively.

One of the ways to gain support is to have a "brand". This is a logo or a catch phrase or something unique to Kids to Kids that gives people something to talk about and incentive to support our cause. We already have a logo, so I plan to make sure kids in my school know the logo and associate it with my club. Another thing I plan to do is to come up with a unique catch phrase or slogan so more people will be attracted to my club. These are great ways to gain support.

Drawing people in with a unique logo and catch phrase can be effective with the use of the internet. My Kids to Kids group on Facebook for my club has the logo as the picture, and I am going to put a slogan in the description. I am going to apply these unique parts of Kids to Kids whenever I send out a message to the club or create an event for a fundraiser. By continuing to advertise my club with the logo and slogan, people will begin to really associate them with our Kids to Kids club and have more incentive to get involved by joining the club or coming to fundraisers. I recommend that all Kids to Kids clubs use this technique to gain support from kids in their schools. Here's the Kids to Kids logo for you!

-- Emily