Concord Academy: Food Fundraiser 2014

Fall 2013-Spring 2014
Concord Academy: Food Fundraiser 2014
The Concord Academy World Connect Club had a great 2013-2014 school year! We raised a grand total of $1,107 for the Exercising Bodies Exercising Health project, which the club members chose over dinner after reading through several grant applications. There were so many worthy projects to fund, but we chose this one because we felt so fortunate to have the health education we receive at CA, and because being able to release stress in organized sports is vital to our intellectual and emotional well-being as well as our physical health. We wanted to be able to give these gifts to a group of people in Pete, Senegal. We were also struck by the huge number of beneficiaries of this project – of which there are several thousand – and the sustainable benefits it has, as the health information will be passed on from generation to generation and the facilities built can be used for years.

Just like last year, the students of Concord Academy were more than thrilled to eat for a cause. On multiple occasions, we turned $150 worth of Dunkin Donuts and apple cider into $450 worth of funding for our selected World Connect project! We held four food sales this year, each at 10:00 during break. Although they only lasted 20 minutes, they were quite lucrative!

- Chloë

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