Clarksburg High School (MD) Bake Sale Fundraiser

Spring 2014
Clarksburg High School (MD) Bake Sale Fundraiser
Clarksburg High school started its first project with World Connect in the town of Bataan, Costa Rica. Several juniors in high school bound together to fund a market place for numerous reasons. As a female dominant chapter in Maryland, the students understood how important it was to support the women's union and admire their hard work in both the business world and family place. Also, the students felt inclined to help due to past travels and mission trips where they saw villages similar to the one in Bataan. It became a primary goal of the Clarksburg team to spread awareness of how something (like the opportunity for business) taken for granted in the United States is valued more in different countries. One student even felt that these projects would help guide her in her future aspirations to work in International relief.


The Clarksburg team raised around $300 through local bake sales. They opted for donations and gifted donors with many different treats such as black bottom cup cakes, lemon bars, and chocolate chip cookies. Because World Connect is a new organization in the area, many were intrigued and moved by their efforts and asked to be kept up to date with pictures. Students met on a weekly basis at lunch, along with their teacher sponsor, to brainstorm and organize their fundraisers.


- Lauren

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