This is the second year that Clarksburg High School is participating in the Kids Connect Program. Previously, the female dominant chapter in Maryland chose to support a women's group in Costa Rica in their efforts to launch a female-led community market. This year, students have decided to support the "Supporting Sports and Healthy 
Lifestyles in Hato Viejo" project in the Dominican Republic.  Clarksburg students recently held a bake sale and raised $250.
"We chose this project because we think it is important for children to have a foundation with an activity and group of people they love. We love that children do not only have this foundation but most importantly they will have an education on preventing HIV/AIDS which can save lives and start a health and safety movement for the younger generation of Dominican Republic."  - Lauren


"The Clarksburg World Connect Chapter held a bakesale outside of a local sub shop in December to spread holiday cheer, earn funds, and support awareness for HIV/AIDS prevention in the Dominican Republic. It was very chilly outside but rewarding as one man single handedly donated 100 dollars towards the cause! It was exciting to reach out to strangers and receive such positive reactions." - Lauren