$63,923.42 raised by kids

for 47 projects since 2009

Are you looking for your child to become involved in a meaningful, hands-on experience? For them to become directly connected to people around the world? To expand their learning outside of the classroom?

Kids Connect promotes global awareness in young Americans, enhances cross-cultural communication and understanding, and inspires kids and teens to become directly involved in international, philanthropic, and community service work.

World Connect has worked in more than 20 schools in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Nevada, Washington, D.C. and Rhode Island. Participating students pick a region of the world and specific projects and then coordinate with World Connect staff to explore these interest areas in unique and creative ways. In the process, students develop a greater understanding of geography, languages, culture and socio-economic issues, as well as a deep appreciation for core philanthropic principles. Students gain meaningful and hands on experience by participating in World Connect’s grant making process and project evaluation. Students report that participating in World Connect’s Kids Connect program has increased their knowledge of the developing world as well as their desire to lead lives of service.

Your child will gain:

  • The training to evaluate and critique the design of international development projects;
  • The knowledge to discuss the issues and challenges facing women and children in the developing world;

  • The opportunity to connect directly with women, children and community leaders in some of the world’s most marginalized communities.


"My son Linc’s involvement in Kids Connect has been a wonderful experience for him. The great thing about Kids Connect is that kids are at the heart of the matter: they are looking at where the needs are in different parts of the world, learning to figure out what makes a good project, evaluating grant requests, working with other kids to figure out how to use funds most effectively, and how to get other kids involved and active." - Marcie Tyre
"Kids Connect has given my kids an opportunity to develop leadership skills and has instilled in them global awareness. In addition the girls have learned how to work as a team to raise money for kids in developing nations." - Marylu Nadeau